We are A Parede, a design education duo currently based in Berlin. We are also co-founders of the Decolonising Design platform.

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Of Things that Do Not Belong: The Poetics and Politics of Estrangement (2015)

Exhibition at the HfK Bremen

Block Seminar at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen: 2SWS/3 ECTS – Winter Semester 2014/2015

Public spaces are systems constructed for things and people to fit in. Whenever these systems are upset by glitches that expose faults in its structures, reveal the fragility of its foundations, crack its thin, protective walls, said glitches are immediately alienated, excluded or confined to the farthest corners of society. Within those glitches, combinations of nationality, gender, race, class, language fluency and economic power form an unsettling recipe for the interplay of social friction. Who is welcome and who is undesirable? Who and what belongs to certain social spaces, and who and what do not?

In this short seminar, we will assess and discuss spaces where estrangement is negotiated and explore the poetics and politics of otherness and alienation. From a practice standpoint, we are interested in assessing with the students the political accountability of design and push the boundaries and breaking points of speculative design towards the political. From a research standpoint, we want to explore when and how design becomes a cogent research method, and how design prototypes argue, explore and convey a research question. All in all, we’d like to challenge the students to ask the questions few would like to answer, and to explore the long tail of a speculative project.

Luiz Zanotello
Luiz Zanotello – Delegated Profiling: Sniffing agents and counter-luggage.

Sammy Jobbins-Wells
Sammy Jobbins-Wells – Speculum

Mariana Basso
Mariana Schetini Basso – Illegal Body in Transit

Chang Park – Sonic Gentrification

Carmem Saito
Carmem Saito – World Passport App

Photo Credits: Luiz Gustavo F. Zanotello