Oh Hai! We are A Parede, a brazilian artistic research duo currently living in Berlin. Our research interests fall within decolonial thought, radical pedagogies, gender and sound studies.

Drop us a line for collaborations, requests, ideas and/or general friendliness: hello@a-pare.de

Design in Times of Crisis (2016)

Brasil, new ID cards

How may Design Research help us prepare ourselves for a State of Exception?

Design in Times of Crisis is an ongoing project framing an immediate present/near-future scenario where we situate our doctoral researches.

This scenario concentrates on events taking place outside of the usual UK/US/EU circuit, focusing specifically in Latin America and Brazil. Though many of the issues discussed in this project do apply to other places in the world, its main concern is looking home. A focus on the very dystopian reality of developing countries allows us to explore the relationships between political, economic or social turmoil and technological developments through a perspective often neglected within the speculative design community.

Pointedly, this project also aims to challenge and question the political and ethical accountability of current speculative design practices, and hopes to further push its boundaries.

We are still collecting evidence in a Tumblr Blog. Our sources are the living dystopias our friends and families have to endure everyday back home.

Moreover, several projects, lectures, and workshops have stemmed from or are directly connected with this research project. Find them all by clicking here.