Oh Hai! We are A Parede, a brazilian artistic research duo currently living in Berlin. Our research interests fall within decolonial thought, radical pedagogies, gender and sound studies.

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Tempos Verbais (2017)

Tempos Verbais

Tempos Verbais is an ongoing work in collaboration between artist Lucas Odahara & Pedro Oliveira (A Parede). Together, the researchers have been collecting sounds of protests from around the world – from footage found online to self-recorded sounds.

This collection of sounds started from a shared interest in songs that were created during the country-wide demonstrations that took place in Brazil in June 2013, starting out with movements against the increase of public transportation fares, moved with anti-World Cup and anti-Olympics protests, culminating more recently on demonstrations against the impeachment of Brazil’s former president, Dilma Rousseff, as well as against the austerity measures proposed by the Coup-installed government in the country. Under this scenario of general dissatisfaction, several protests have taken form, and most of them making use of the creation of songs to be sang out loud on the streets and other forms of collective occupation of the urban soundscape. From the interest on the usage of sound as a collective medium for political change, we started building an archive of sounds.

Tempos Verbais – Amplifier

Tempos Verbais – Soundfiles list

Driven by the increasing rise of a neofascist mentality worldwide, often disguised and conveyed as ultra-neoliberal austerity measures, sounds from protests from different geographical locations, challenging and opposing these politics and policies, started to make their way into the archive. This process thus works “against the grain of history,” focusing its scope on the raw, unmediated, and rather lo-fi documentation of political movements all around the world and in particular the Global South.

The first iteration of Tempos Verbais was at the exhibition Abstract–Concrete–Absolute (VG Award 2017) at the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hannover (Germany), as part of Lucas Odahara’s installation Tempos Verbais (the Volume of History and the Balance of Time). The visual component of this installation is documented here.

For this installation, Pedro Oliveira designed two soundscapes, mixing different stances from the archive’s material selected by their political similarity: the first piece is a collection of sounds of protests by students, whereas the second features demonstrations against austere and/or Coup-installed political regimes. Each piece is roughly one hour long, and was divided in four distinct movements which are punctuated by field recordings from the gallery’s front street, taken at the time of building the artwork. In so doing, the piece moves in and out of the protests showcasing the sudden eruption of political dissent in an otherwise “peaceful” urban scenario.

All photos by Lucas Odahara.

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