A Parede was a design education duo based in Berlin, co-founders of the Decolonising Design platform.

Further work can be found on the personal websites of Luiza Prado or Pedro Oliveira.

Talks & Lectures

“The bomb, singular, is hurled at us, plural, in timed steps, in rhythmic explosions.”

Performative lecture for Transmediale 2017, as part of the Singularities panel, curated and moderated by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke. Joining us on this panel were also Dorothy R. Santos and Rasheedah Phillips.

  • Sonic Insolence/Auditory Fabulation, Lecture by Pedro Oliveira for the Tactical Tech Collective Pop-Up Series; ACUD Macht Neu, Berlin (Germany). March 2018.
  • Forbidden music, forbidden jukeboxes, Lecture by Pedro Oliveira at the CTM Festival 2018; Berlin (Germany). February 2018.
  • Decolonising Design, Lecture at DHBW Ravensburg (Germany). February 2018.
  • Cursed Materialities, Lecture-Performance at the School of Design, Nantes (France). November 2017.
  • Colonial Ghosts and Cursed Materialities, Lecture-Performance at the Hochschule Weißensee, Berlin.
  • Decolonising Design Education, Panel Presentation as part of the PARSE 2017 Program; PARSE Dialogues, HDK Gothenburg (Sweden) and V/p>enice Biennale (Italy). April/July 2017.
  • Design and decolonising imaginaries, Lecture at the “Situated and Translating,” Conference, HFBK Hamburg (Germany). March 2017.
  • Design and Intersectionality: Material Productions of Gender, Race, Class and Beyond, Opening lecture by Luiza Prado and Ece Canli, for the Intersectional Perspectives on Design, Politics and Power Symposium. School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University (Sweden). November 2016.
  • Metamorfoses: Por uma Descolonização do Design, Panel Presentation at Encontros do Design de Lisboa, University of Arts Lisbon (Portugal). November 2016.
  • Whose Gadgets? On the Distribution of Futures, Keynote Presentation at the Royal Academy of the Arts The Hague (Netherlands). December 2015.
  • Bubblegum futures: Speculative Design, Gender and Colonialism, Lecture by Luiza Prado at the Design Festival, Goldsmiths University London (UK). September 2015.
  • Dystopian Presents and Dismal Futures, Panel Presentation at FAD Fest, Disseny Hub Barcelona (Spain). May 2014.