Oh Hai! We are A Parede, a brazilian artistic research duo currently living in Berlin. Our research interests fall within decolonial thought, radical pedagogies, gender and sound studies.

Drop us a line for collaborations, requests, ideas and/or general friendliness: hello@a-pare.de

One thing or two about us:

We are Luiza Prado and Pedro Oliveira, and we both hold Ph.Ds (currently Dr.des) in Design Research from the Universität der Künste Berlin. Our doctoral researches were fully funded by the Brazilian Council for Research and Development (CNPq) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

A Parede is neither a studio nor a collective; rather, it is a sandbox for our research interests. In here we compile current projects, texts we’ve been writing, as well as a summary of our teaching activities. Our joint research shares the same premise: to develop a decolonising framework of inquiring and intervening onto material practices. Through our work, we aim to encourage the enunciation of counter-hegemonic, anti-/decolonial presents and immediate futures.

In June 2016 we have, together with other researchers with ties to the Global South, released the Decolonising Design platform.

Should you have any interesting comments, proposals and/or collaborations, please send us your thoughts at hello[at]a-pare.de.