Oh Hai! We are A Parede, a brazilian artistic research duo currently living in Berlin. Our research interests fall within decolonial thought, radical pedagogies, gender and sound studies.

Drop us a line for collaborations, requests, ideas and/or general friendliness: hello@a-pare.de

Pedro Oliveira


I studied Graphic Design at UNESP Bauru (São Paulo, Brasil) and have an MA in Digital Media from the Hochschule für Künste Bremen. I’ve been interested in and involved with sound studies and activism since my early years in university.

My Ph.D dissertation is titled “Decolonizing the Earview of Design: Listening Anxieties and the Apparatus of Auditory Governance” and in it I inquire and articulate the ontological designing of sonic and listening practices by the Brazilian Military Police, as well as their articulations in perpetrating (and perpetuating) racialized violence in the country.

In my free time I also disguise my absolute lack of skills for properly playing the guitar under the moniker I Buried Paul.

Say hi at pedro@a-pare.de or follow me on Twitter.